Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why do I need to professionally powerwash my home?

A. The critical reasons why your home should be powerwashed professionally are (1) health, (2) to prevent material damage from buildup, and (3) asthetics or curb appeal.

1. Health: Mildew and black mold, are not only major health considerations in relationship to allergies, etc., but left untreated, they can become detrimental. Mildew build up on cement areas may become very slippery and very dangerous as a result – e.g., pool surrounds, etc.

2. Material Damage: Dirt, mildew and algae may build up in degrees sometimes not visible for many years. Mildew and algae usually becomes most visible first under soffit areas or overhangs. The width of the soffit or overhang will usually determine how far down the siding the initial mildew and dirt has spread. Where they accumulate, they can cause rotting of wooden window sills, increasing the deterioration of roof shingles especially along the roof lines adjacent to siding, above garages, etc. These are also areas where mildew may creep behind siding and is very common in vinyl and aluminum siding, where wood joins the roofline, rotting may occur. Before repainting your home, this is essential for good paint adhesion. Repainting of your home requires powerwashing first to provide a clean surface for the areas to be painted. Painting over dirty surfaces is the prime factor in what is called intercoat peeling. Intercoat peeling results from an application of a paint or film forming product that improperly bonds to the surface that it is applied to as a result of that surface not being clean. Drying times are as essential for painting over moisture induced wood because it will cause premature paint or coating failure.

3. Asthethics or Curb Appeal: Keeping your home clean, not only increases property value but a clean appearance also reflects in your area. If you are reselling your home, this is a very nominal investment to attract and engage a potential buyer.

Q. When and how do I schedule an estimate?

A. All jobs except for returning customers require an onsite estimate. This will take approximately 15 minutes and are free of charge. If BlastWorks Pressure Washing or the potential customer have any questions, they may be addressed at that time and ensures a smooth and problem-free experience.

Q. Are your products safe for plants and animals?

A. Yes, BlastWorks Pressure Washing uses all eco-friendly biodegradable materials that do not harm the environment. Much of our processes are exclusive trade secrets that we have developed over many years of experience to ensure safety of our workers and the protection of plants, pets and contracted areas.

Q. What is the difference between Hot Washing versus Cold Washing? Which is better?

A. Our company will utilize hot washing methods if necessary. But they have a limited point-specific application. Many times jobs are sold in relationship to cleaning dishes using hot water or cold water. But we are not cleaning eggs and grease off plates. We are removing dirt and mildew from your home. Their applications are good in removing coatings from decks in cold weather but does not replace cold washing applications where high volumes of water, low pressure and thermal panes

Q. Is Window cleaning part of my powerwash?

A. Yes, BlastWorks Pressure Washing routinely cleans all exterior glass as a courtesy service—to reduce any potential hard water spots, streaking or dripping from powerwash of your home—leaving you with clean windows as well as a clean home. Windows are cleaned for surface dirt. Anything beyond that such as old paint splatter etc., must be discussed at the time of the powerwash estimate or before powerwash begins.

Q. How often should my home be powerwashed?

A. BlastWorks Pressure Washing can put you on a 2-, 3- or 5-year cycle depending on the humidity and other factors of your residential area.

Q. What is the difference in procedure and products used for deck powerwashing versus home powerwashing?

A. BlastWorks Pressure Washing is focusing on synthetic and composite synthetic restoration and cleaning. Where wood decks are contracted, and coatings are failing or badly weathered, stripping may be required, and these procedures and options would be discussed at the time of the powerwashing estimate.

Q. If I’m having both my deck and home powerwashed, will they be done at the same time?

A. Yes, the can be, unless it creates an inconvenience for the homeowner and they may then be scheduled separately.

Q. Do I need to re-stain my deck after powerwashing?

A. In cases where the cleaning of synthetic decking has been completed, there is no reason to seal or re-stain. On wooden decks this is up to the condition of the deck and the homeowner’s decision.

Q. Can powerwashing damage my home?

A. Inexperience is the greatest detriment. Even though the science of powerwashing or pressure washing is simple at a glance, hiring people without years of experience can be very costly. Using the wrong powerwashing tips and improper application of solutions or wrong solutions can cause streaking, modeling, or water could be driven into soffits, vents, weep holes and behind the siding. With 25 years of experience and thousands of jobs, BlastWorks Pressure Washing ensures a quality job that is safe and free of novice and detrimental mistakes. BlastWorks Pressure Washing routinely corrects and repairs damaged siding from inexperienced companies. If you have had this experience or know someone who has, many times it can be corrected if on vinyl or aluminum siding. Wood may require more complicated restoration.

Q. Are all pressure washing companies the same?
A. Anyone can purchase a pressure washer. Simply owning a pressure washer and advertising you offer a service doesn’t mean you can operate it effectively. A pressure washer in the hands of an unskilled operator can cause a great deal of damage. Just to name a few. Wood carved into at to high of pressure, plants and lawn killed, siding blown off, paint peeled from house and even concrete cut and etched.

Q. Do I need to be home when you’re working on my property?
A. No, because we understand that you are just as busy as we are. We do ask that you close all of your windows, clear your driveway or deck and put away fragile decorations on your home or deck.

Q. Is an outdoor water source needed?
A. No a water source is not required, but saves you money. If we provide the water we do charge an additional fee.

Q. Is it more effective when you clean with heated water?
A. Heated water cleans more effective than cold water. It works the same way as when you wash dishes.

Q. Is there a difference between pressure washing and power washing?
A. There is no difference between pressure washing and power washing it’s just a different terminology.

Q. My contractor said my siding and deck are zero maintenance is this true?
A. Low maintenance yes, zero maintenance no. Anything left outside in the sun and humidity will get dirty. Your car gets dirty sitting in your driveway, so does your house and deck.

Q. What are the benefits of pressure washing?
A. Just to name a few benefits of pressure washing is eliminating mold and mildew, better curb appeal, safety, and increased property value.

Q. What are these dark stains on my siding and can they be removed?
A. The dark stains you are seeing is mold. All mold needs to grow is moisture (humidity) and a food source and it will grow anywhere. Mold can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.

Q. What are these black streaks on my gutters and can they be removed?
A. The black streaks on your gutters are in the oxidation layer of the paint. The black streaks can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.