Power Washing Services

Brick & Concrete

Blastworks Pressure Washing performs a lot of Power Washing Services including concrete. We perform this function mostly by using what we call our “Big Guy” or “Surface Cleaner”. It is our concrete cleaning machine that can cover a larger area, at a faster rate, and cleans more accurately than using the typical wand or spray gun cleaning. This helps us get on your property, get done, and get off your property before we disrupt your daily routine. After cleaning your concrete, we spray it with a special formula that will stop any new algae, mold, or moss from forming, acting as a preventative, while also killing off any algae, mold, or mildew that typical pressure washing doesn’t remove. This in turn will keep your concrete clean for a much longer period. We also use this technique for brick pavers, natural stone surfaces, and other paving surfaces. If it’s paved, Blastworks Pressure Washing can clean it!

Oil Stained Concrete Power Washing Services

Oil stained concrete is something we get asked a lot about at Blastworks Pressure Washing. “Can you remove these oil stains from my concrete?” Yes, and maybe no. Oil stains are plain and simple tough. Many factors go into if oil can be removed from concrete. The most important factor is how long the oil has been on the concrete. Long term oil stains are almost impossible to remove completely. They can be removed enough to were only a shadow of the oil stain is visible in most cases. Another question is what type of oil is it? And finally, how porous is the concrete? With all these factors going into the removal of an oil stain, it is hard to be able to tell someone an oil stain can be removed completely.

Rust Stained Concrete Power Washing Services

Like oil stains, rust stain removal depend on many factors. What is the rust stain caused by? How porous is the concrete that the stain is located in? Fertilizer rust stains are one of the more difficult to remove completely. Granules left on concrete from fertilizing the yard, or leaking from a potted plant can be one of the hardest rust stains out there. Most of the time these rust stains cannot be completely removed, but can be lightened to a faint shadow. Rust stains from a piece of outdoor furniture can usually be removed with no problems. One of the many chemicals we use to fight these rust stains will brighten your concrete to make it look like the day after it was poured on your property. Unfortunately with this chemical you have to treat the entire concrete area or you will have a brighter shade concrete than the other areas. The only true way to be able to tell if a rust stain is removable is to have us evaluate the rust stain. So call us today to schedule your free estimate!

Brick Cleaning

Brick Cleaning is a fairly simple process…in most cases. Bricks, like concrete, can withstand high amounts of pressure, making the removal of mold, mildew, and other materials easy.

Gutter cleaning

Blastworks Pressure Washing is here for all your gutter cleaning needs! Have you thought about your gutters lately? Chances are, you haven’t. Lets face it, most people don’t. You can’t see them, and often times it’s too late by the time you have something done about them.

If you don’t regulary have your gutters and downspouts cleaned out, you could be paying a lot of money once the damage has already taken place. A gutter full of leaves will cause backup of water, which will in turn cause rotting of your siding, adjacent wood trim around the fascia, and many other areas where the water meetsthe wood of your property.

When a gutter becomes full, you can only imagine the things that live and grow inside them. With leaves, root build up, and sitting water, they are a sespool for creepy crawlies like spiders, snakes, lizards, roaches, ants, and many other nasty insects you don’t want to think about living in your property. They also become full of bacteria, mold, and other fungi. Let’s just say it’s not a pretty picture, and it’s not something you want on your property! With gutters full of all this debris and nasty things, you can only imagine how much strain it puts on the restraints that hold your gutters in place. Before long, these restraints give out and you get leaking gutters, or gutters and downspouts that fall off or out of place.

Streaks that run down your gutter are a nasty sight. We at Blastworks Pressure Washing have created a formula to cleaning these streaks from your gutters. After our free examination of your gutters, we will let you know if our formula will be best for the gutters, or we will let you know if repainting is a must.

With as many types of gutters in the market today, the only actual gutter that can be trusted to work and funtion properly is a normal gutter that is cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule. You can spend the big bucks on the gutters that say they will never need cleaning, but if you look closely, you will see that they do not work as properly as they should with the  Chicago weather we have. With the amount of money you spend on these top grade “never clean” gutters, you will be able to pay someone for 10 years to clean the gutters you already have on your roof.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is becoming more and more of a problem these days with America’s youth. It almost seems as soon as your remove it, more pops up!

We at Blastworks Pressure Washing have mastered the removal of this unwanted graffiti. We test all the products, new and old, to see what works best on different kind of materials. Wheather it be concrete, brick, block, signs, painted, or unpainted surfaces, we at Blastworks Pressure Washing can remove it using the safest products available. Almost every chemical we use is biodegradable, and 100% green. We at Blastworks Pressure Washing take pride in keeping our earth safe for everyone, and everything!

Two of the main chemicals used by Blastworks Pressure Washing to remove graffiti is Tagaway®, and Taginator®. Tagaway® and Taginator® are claimed to be the Best Graffiti Removers Preferred by: 
School Districts, Municipalities, Public Works Departments, Parcel Post Companies, Housing Authorities, Highway Authorities, Mass Transit Authorities, Trucking Companies and Contractors like Blastworks Pressure Washing.

At Blastworks Pressure Washing, you can feel good knowing we respond to graffiti reportings within 24 hours to remove the graffiti fast as to deter the vandals from putting more graffiti up.

Blastworks Pressure Washing has been removing graffiti for Home Owners Associations and Businesses with 100% success. We have yet to find a “tag” we can not remove.

If you have any questions or would like a free estimate on graffiti removal, please feel free to contact us day or night. We offer 24 hour service to residential and commercial property owners and managers.

Garage pressure washing

Did your vehicle leak oil onto your garage floor? Well you are not alone. Blastworks cleans hundreds of residential garages a year in the Chicago metro area. We specialize in removing oils, greases, paint, gum, and all other stains from garage floors. Our high pressure cleaning equipment successfully blasts away unsightly stains and debris from garage floors. We are Chicago’s first choice for residential garage cleaning services. We use 24″ surface cleaners to clean your garage floor. When we are done cleaning your garage you will see why we are Chicago’s premier pressure washing and company! Call today for a free garage cleaning quote. 773-983-5884

House pressure washing

Do you have cobwebs, bird waste, or dirt riddling the exterior of your Chicago home? Just call Blastworks Pressure Washing to remove the dirt and debris from your house. We are Chicago’s premier house washing service. We wash the exterior of houses in all areas of Chicago. Whether you have a 1 story or 3 story home we will have your home looking new again. Utilizing our exterior house washing equipment we can reach the tops of any sized home. We clean houses in Chicago from top to bottom using low pressure and soft washing techniques that will not damage or etch the exterior of your house. We use specialized spraying nozzles that allow us to lower our machines pressure so our technicians don’t chip paint or hit your home too hard. We simply remove dirt, bird waste, debris, and cobwebs from your home to restore the exterior of your house. Call today for a free house washing quote! 773-983-5884

Patio Pressure Washing

Patios are a great place for family gatherings and relaxing in the beautiful Chicago weather. Unfortunately, with the Chicago weather also comes with lots of dirt and debris. That is why Blastworks Pressure Washing restores concrete, brick, or paver patios to their natural luster everyday in Chicago. We specialize in exterior pressure washing and steam cleaning services. We clean all sized patios in the Chicago metro area. Whether you are preparing your patio for a party or just want to enjoy your backyard call Blastworks Pressure Washing to clean your patio the right way. We use 3500 PSI to ensure we remove all debris and stains. Call today for a free patio cleaning quote!   773-983-5884