Brick Pressure Washing

Brick Pressure Washing / Brick Cleaning is a fairly simple process…in most cases. Bricks, like concrete, can withstand high amounts of pressure, making the removal of mold, mildew, and other materials easy.

Can You Power Wash Brick?

Brick is strong and sturdy — that’s why people use it as a home building material. But it’s also porous, making it susceptible to dirt, grime, mold, soot, exhaust, BBQ smoke, insects, tree sap, and mildew. This means that without the proper care, brick can become grimy and discolored, or worse, the integrity of brick and mortar can be jeopardized.

Done properly, Brick Pressure Washing can be a safe and effective way to clean brick, and to restore it to its previous beauty.

Done improperly, however, Brick Pressure Washing can actually damage brick and mortar.

If you’ve never power washed brick before, then we highly recommend hiring a professional in order to protect the longevity and integrity of your brick. Blastworks Pressure Washing has been working with home exteriors in Chicago, we have power washed all types of exterior surfaces, and particularly specialize in surfaces that take extra care and expertise, like brick and stone. Call today for a free estimate (773) 727-4344.