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Q. What are some of the benefits of pressure washing?

2. Material Damage: Dirt, mildew and algae may build up in degrees sometimes not visible for many years. Mildew and algae usually becomes most visible first under soffit areas or overhangs. The width of the soffit or overhang will usually determine how far down the siding the initial mildew and dirt has spread. Where they accumulate, they can cause rotting of wooden window sills, increasing the deterioration of roof shingles especially along the roof lines adjacent to siding, above garages, etc. These are also areas where mildew may creep behind siding and is very common in vinyl and aluminum siding, where wood joins the roofline, rotting may occur. Before repainting your home, this is essential for good paint adhesion. Repainting of your home requires powerwashing first to provide a clean surface for the areas to be painted. Painting over dirty surfaces is the prime factor in what is called intercoat peeling. Intercoat peeling results from an application of a paint or film forming product that improperly bonds to the surface that it is applied to as a result of that surface not being clean. Drying times are as essential for painting over moisture induced wood because it will cause premature paint or coating failure.

— BlastWorks Pressure Washing

Blastworks Pressure Washing provides cleaning services including Brick, Concrete, Gutters and Graffiti Removal for your Home, Auto & Garage. Our crews consist of trained workers and top of the line pressure washing equipment. We focus on your cleaning requirements so you can meet your deadlines and get back to work efficiently and safely.
We are always available via our on-call phone (773) 727-4344.

We offer our services to many different areas, including: Chicago, Cook County, Dupage County, Will County, Lake County, Kane County, Naperville, Oak Park, Berwyn, Cicero, Schiller Park, Bensenville, Aurora, Schaumburg, Melrose Park, Evanston.

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I am very happy with the great job they did on my stained concrete. I would recommend them highly.”
- Mike D